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Play for a professional staff of college and high school coaches. Program mission is for players to develop their skills. Development and improvement is our focus. Roster size will be conducive for each athlete to gain experience, receive exposure, and have maximum playing time. Practices will be scheduled accordingly to prepare for games and tournaments, and for pitchers to get their routines completed.

Coaches will emphasize teaching all aspects of the game, especially the mental approach of becoming a disciplined ball player on and off the field. Specific training will include all the fundamentals of the game.

Competitive teams will be assembled through showcases and try-outs. Teams will participate in various tournaments throughout the season, with the possibility of also traveling to prestigious tournaments around the country. All activities will be scheduled accordingly with a thorough roster selection process by our staff. At Baseline, we will always place our players and teams in the best situation for success.

Team Rosters

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Team Schedules

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Try Out Request

Tryout Request: $30

Open to all serious ball players.

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Payments Center

New Player Registration/Insurance Fee: $100

Cost:100.00 -

Summer 2018 1st Deposit: $450

Cost:450.00 -

Summer 2018 2nd Deposit: $345

Cost:345.00 -

Summer 2018 3rd Deposit: $200

Cost:200.00 -

Scout Team 1st Deposit: $450

Cost:450.00 -

Scout Team 2nd Deposit: $545

Cost:545.00 -

Baseline 2018 Bookbag: $65

Cost:65.00 -

New Uniform/Gear Package for 2018 1st Deposit: $125

Cost:125.00 -

Due at registration to place order; arrives in 2-3 weeks

New Uniform/Gear Package for 2018 2nd Deposit: $125

Cost:125.00 -

Due at registration to place order; arrives in 2-3 weeks

Summer League 1st Deposit: $100

Cost:100.00 -

Youth Academy June 2018 Fee: $125

Cost:125.00 -

Collegiate Team

Collegiate Team 1st Deposit: $495

Summer 2018

Collegiate Team 2nd Deposit: $300

Summer 2018

Out of Package Tournaments

Invite Request - Prospect Wire 16U Florida State Championships

June 27-31, 2018

$ 0.00

Boombah Complex

Event Details - Click to View

12U & 14U Disney Tournament 1st Deposit: $100

$ 100.00

Event Details - Click to View

12U & 14U Disney Tournament 2nd Deposit: $200

$ 200.00

Event Details - Click to View

Baseline Summer Classic Local Tournament: $75

$ 75.00

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Baseline Baseball Players in College

At Baseline, although we are not a College Recruiting Service, we would like to acknowledge the following former players who played for our organization at some point throughout their career. It was a pleasure coaching these young players who took pride in how they conducted themselves both on and off the field. Rest assured, they have left the Baseline family and Coaching staff feeling very proud. We are proud to have left an imprint and been a positive influence throughout your path. These players do not need to thank us for connecting them with any colleges; they earned everything on their own! Good luck in the future!

*As soon as players reach their commitments, this list will be updated accordingly*

Name College Division
Jack Diaz St. Thomas NAIA
Alejandro Juvier Baltimore Orioles MLB
Alex Vallejo North Florida D1
Anthony Martel St. Thomas NAIA
Anthony Lopez St. Thomas NAIA
Christian Calleja Palm Beach State JUCO
Willie Padron Miami Dade JUCO
Tony Gonzalez Florida Memorial NAIA
Marlon Romero ASA College JUCO
Eddie Escribano Eastern Florida JUCO
Alex Monge Barry D2
Anthony Gutierrez Barry D2
Michael Pelaez Baltimore CC JUCO
Palmer Phillips Guilford D3
Michael Sanchez St. Thomas NAIA
Andrew Garcia Maryville D3
James Spatafora St. Thomas NAIA

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